Farm History


Craig Williamson is the fifth generation farmer following

John Williamson – came to the farm from the Ship Inn Morton in 1880

Fred Williamson

Arthur Sidney Williamson – Grandfather

Richard Williamson – Father – Took over the farm in 1967 when it was only 300 acres. Then during the next thirty years expanded it up to 900 acres based at Thonock Lane Farm.

I gradually took over during the nineties and now farm over 1000 acres.



Most of the land is sandy which is slightly acidic. This is good land for growing root crops which we have to irrigate


This is a lowland farm in the Trent Valley with lots of areas of woodland. We have lots of areas in the HLS scheme.



The growing season is usually from September through to the following October.  We have recently had cold winters with more than average rainfall.  The farm and buildings are in a sheltered location.


Farm Schemes we are involved in

Environmental Stewardship Scheme which supports Conservation and Wildlife

We encourage wildlife by having field margins round every field and grow wild bird seed mixtures which provide feed for wild birds in the winter.

Pollen and nectar crops are grown for the insects.



Grazing sheep and cattle

Cutting and making hay

Grazing Horses in our livery yard