Farm Shop

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We have a good system regarding social distancing with the 2 meter rule in place with cones. Please respect the health and safety of us, yourselves and others in these times. We thank you all for being so patient with us.


The Farm Shop is a family run business which we are constantly expanding to reach your needs! 


In our shop we sell:

Potatoes – We grow 6 varieties of potato these are:

  • Marfona/ White – best all-rounder
  • Maris Piper/ White – ideal for chips
  • Camel/ Red – good all-rounder
  • Picasso/ White with pink eyes
  • Desiree/ Red
  • Maris Bard/ White


25kg bag – £8

12.5kg bag – £5

7.5kg bag – £3.50

(We don’t always have all of these in stock, but you can check our facebook page for daily updates! Click the link below)


We sell lots of fresh fruit and vegetables!

The prices of the products may vary due to our buying price and we can’t always guarantee we will have everything in stock! Don’t hesitate to message us with any inquiries.


We have lots of lovely eggs from our hens!

Box of 6: 

Extra large – £1.50

Large – £1.25

Medium – £1

Tray of 30 eggs:

Large – £6


Opening times:

Monday: 9AM – 2PM

Tuesday: 9AM – 2PM

Wednesday: 9AM -2PM

Thursday: 9AM – 2PM

Friday: 9AM – 2PM

Saturday: 9AM – 2PM

Sunday: 10AM – 2PM