The Farming Year

The Farming Year

 A brief outline of the farming year when the different farming practices take place.

January– Potato riddling/bagging, fodder beet lifting.

February– As above and if good weather drilling spring crops.

March– As above, lambing and harvesting of the carrots.

April– Planting potatoes, drilling fodder beet, drilling carrots, fertilizing and spraying the cereal crops.

May– Looking at the growing crops, spraying and fertilizing the cereal crops.

June– Irrigating the carrots and potatoes, spraying the cereals and hay making.

July– as above

August– Harvesting of the cereals (wheat/barley) Baling of the straw. Irrigating.

September– Harvesting the wheat crop, lifting potatoes and riddling.

October– Lifting potatoes/riddling, putting the straw on the carrots for winter protection.  Drilling the winter cereals wheat/barley. Spraying and fertilizing.

November– Lifting potatoes/riddling, fodder beet lifting for animal feed.

December– Fodder beet lifting, riddling potatoes.